S.B. Cooperation


That We!

On our page you will find many times the S.B. Cooperation.

The main fact is, that this Cooperation is working just with one person.

But because many projekts and other stuff where maked with other good Persons, ( who have joined S.B. Coopaeration), we are talking about S.B. Coopaeration.

Of course you will find also many informations in the Main Stuff, who were produced in our school time.

So enjoy our page Visitour.

And relax.



In General the S.B. Coopaeration started in russia.

But because of the bad situation we gone to germany.

Where we now are.

how we sayed we had many good projekts presented in school and of course in our free time.

Also it can be sayed, that our produktion had alwasy a good quality.

So we had sayed to ourselfes: " Let's get this projekts to the people."

And so we are here.

Enjey our Webpage.